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10 years with IODD

10 years with IODD: Transforming accounting collaboration 🚀

For a long time now, the traditional relationship between accounting firms and clients has often been complex and inefficient. Perceived as ‘black holes’, trustees accumulate information without offering clients the transparency or efficiency they expect, facing problems such as

– Time-consuming collaboration
– laborious exchanges of documents and information
– Cumbersome and costly administrative processes
– Lack of timely data to make the right decisions

This situation prompted us to innovate 10 years ago.

We created IODD with a clear objective: transforming the dynamic between accounting firms and their clients.🌟

Our platform is not just a management tool, it’s a shared and collaborative space that facilitates exchanges, making the process not only transparent but also beneficial for all stakeholders.

With IODD, we wanted to :

Strengthen collaboration: Create a platform where information flows freely between clients and trustees, facilitating interactions and improving mutual understanding.

Bring value to customers: Providing useful data for the day-to-day management of businesses, enabling managers to make informed decisions.

Simplify management: Offer intuitive tools for both clients and trustees, to make day-to-day management more efficient and less time-consuming.

Reduce processing costs: IODD allows you to focus on activities that add the most value for the customer, by simplifying activities such as bank reconciliation, document receipt, expense claim integration, etc.

Create a universal tool: IODD is designed to meet the needs of all types of organisation: from SMEs to NGOs and other entities. Regardless of size or sector, our platform adapts to the specifics of each structure.

🌐 The result? A transformed client-accounting firm relationship, where transparency and efficiency are at the heart of the accounting process.

We are celebrating 10 years of innovation and successful collaborations. Thank you to all our clients and partners who have been on this journey with us from the start. Together, we continue to simplify accounting to make every business stronger and more self-sufficient.

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