Enhancing Impact  Through Data-Driven Actions

Most NGOs have access to a variety of data but struggle to make sense or access the relevant data for well informed decision making. We’re helping you build a stronger and more transparent business to increase trust and improve donor reporting.

Our Key Value Drivers for Successful Partnerships

HR Skills To Cover All
Your Needs

Transparent & Up-to-date View of Expenses

Multilingual Team

Consolidation of Data
From Fields to HQ

Access to Data Analytics Platforms to Help You Make the Right Decisions

Improvement of Donor Reporting

Building  Empowering  &
 Effective  Relationships

 Data Harmonization 

A single source of structured and trusted data to improve transparency and efficiency and ultimately increase trust.

Program /
Field Officers

Running programs
Follow-up on expenses/budget
Funding follow-up/allocation
Monthly Reporting to HQ

Accounting /

Running Operations
Global Follow-up
Financial Reporting

Fundraising /
Donors Management

Getting funds
Follow-up with donors
Donor Reporting


 Specific Dashboards 

  • Real-time reporting by project, donor, activities, thematics, location
  • Dynamic reports
  • Simplification and automation of tasks
  • Identification of risks and opportunities

 Budget Monitoring 

  • Compare actual vs budget dynamically based on your selection
  • Mesure the performance of the organization
  • Simplify communication and donors reporting
  • Mitigate risks (misuse of funds, fraud etc)
  • Improve strategies and adjust your data to make more accurate budget predictions in the future

 Monitoring of Funds Received in Advance 

  • Ability to view the balance of all contracts for a given period of time
  • Help avoid overspending on contracts
  • Have a clear view on yearly elements of variation impacting the year-end balance


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