Acting as an extension of your team, Synergix builds long-term, meaningful partnerships driven by the knowledge that accounting and HR management is critical to a company’s health, future growth and success. Our vision is to transform businesses for the better and makes people’s lives easier in the process.

 Refining our Process 
to Optimize Yours

 Collaboration  & Process With our Clients

In order to streamline our collaborative process and improve communication, we created IODD. A proprietary tool that increases speed and efficiency.

Real Time Access & Results

We provide real-time accounting so you can keep an eye on your business wherever and whenever you need.

Streamline Expense Reports Process

Download the IODD Expenses App and take a picture of your receipts with your smartphone. The information will be automatically pre-registered in the IODD interface and accessible in a few clicks.

Simplify Collaboration

Improve your businesses communication by assigning tasks to our team, delegating amongst your team, checking task history, adding contributors and more.

Drag & Drop Your Invoices Easily

Stop using emails to send us your invoices! Just drop them on IODD, with the related cost center allocations if applicable.

Manage Your Liquidities

Connect to all Swiss banks through EBICS to consolidate all your accounts in one place and follow up all your invoices, to pay or receive. You will finally be able to define your cash flow in the short, medium and long term.

Track Absences

Our tools makes it easy for you to keep track of your teams’ absences, holidays and sickness.

Your Personal Documents in one Place

Access your payslips and salary certificates on a safe and confidential system.

 Connection  to Third Party Systems

Because we understand the importance of the use of industry-related softwares for our clients, we have the capacity to integrate your data from applications. We are already connected to these systems and we won’t stop here!


 Internal Data  Processing

Collecting data is the first step. Now our job is to process all the information received and to make it clear and usable.

In order to help your team to focus on value-added tasks, we have implemented powerful systems throughout the different operational steps, which allow them to be more efficient.

Invoices Data Extraction

Invoices go through a system allowing the extraction of information thanks to deep learning. This allows the team to use the time saved on the data entry to reinforce the controls.

Banking Connection

The EBICS protocol via IODD makes it possible to connect to all the Swiss banks to retrieve all transactions. These can then be exported directly to the accounting system with counterparty proposals, which the team can validate or not.

HR Documents

No need to send emails anymore, the HR system automatically and safely sends payslips and salary certificates to IODD profiles.

Expenses Claims

All expense reports created in IODD are automatically imported and allocated to the right accounts according to the categories.

FX Rates Update

The accounting system is directly connected to a web service allowing a daily update of the exchange rates used for the accounting.


Business Intelligence (BI) tools provide businesses an overall view on their operations and/or market, with the possibility to identify areas of opportunity quicker.

Instead of spending countless hours building reports, businesses can now concentrate on analyzing data thanks to visual dashboards.

Rather than working with different databases and possibly outdated data, departments accross an organization can now access the same trusted data from one data warehouse where all databases are combined.

Data-driven Business Decisions

Having accurate data faster means better business decisions. You no longer have to wait weeks for reports with the risks of outdated data.

Easier & Faster Analysis

  • BI tools pull in data into a data warehouse and then analyze it according to users’ research.
  • Search, select, or simply customize your research to find the answers to your questions.
  • Non-technical users are empowered.

Intuitive & Interactive Dashboards

  • Each graph and table is interactive and continuously updated according to your research .
  • Each element is interactive to allow users to push the boundaries of traditional static dashboards.
  • Make global selections and searches, to refine context and quickly identify the information needed to act on it.

Trusted Data

BI tools reduce error risks caused by the use of outdated data.

Covering All
 Aspects of Business 

Human Resources & Related Administration

  • Payslips + salary certificates
  • Absence management
  • Recurring tasks management

Accounting & Related Administration

  • Invoices Drag & Drop
  • Status follow-up
  • Real-time accounting
  • Recurring tasks management


  • Bank accounts reconciliation
  • Connection to Swiss banks
  • Real-time monitoring of payables & receivables
  • Plan to connect to online banks (e.g.: Stripe)

Controlling & Analyses

  • Standardized dashboards
  • Personalised dashboards

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