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We take care of managing salaries and related administration, monitoring social insurance and your benefits, managing the employee life cycle so you can focus on building relationships with your employees. An employee portal at your disposal gives you access at all times to information related to vacations, task management and much more.

Managing all of Your
Administrative Activities


  • Salary calculation and verification
  • Integration of monthly variables (e.g. bonus, housing allowances, relocation allowances etc)
  • Adjustment of social security contributions (AVS , LPP, LAA, LAAC, IJM etc)
  • Integration of allowances and benefits (family allowances, maternity, paternity, IJM, sickness, accident)
  • Monthly declarations to the corresponding authorities via Swissdec
    • Monthly effective AVS declarations
    • Announcement to AVS (mutations, entry, exit)
    • Monthly source tax declaration to different cantons
  • Dispatch of payslips to employees
  • Annual declarations to the corresponding authorities:
    • Annual source tax declarations
    • AVS announcement of the effective payroll
    • AVS announcement of the budgeted payroll for the following year
    • LAA, LAAC, APG announcement of the effective payroll
    • LPP announcement of the budgeted payroll for the following year
  • OFS announcement via Swissdec


  • Announcement of the company to the relevant authorities
  • Management of employment contracts
  • Management of work permit (request, renewal)
  • Support in the process of modifying current insurance contracts
  • Gross-up calculation and salary projection
  • Administrative insurance follow-up and coordination with the brokers or insurance companies
  • Announcement and admin follow-up of family allowances,
  • Claim for loss of income management (sickness, accidents, maternity, paternity, military and APG)
  • Admin management of employees
  • Analysis of the current contracts: LPP, LAA, LAAC, IJM
  • Representation fees
  • AVS control
  • OCIRT control


  • Access to payslips and salary certificates
  • Task management
  • Absence management

Consultants &

  • Import of services
  • Anobag
  • Tax on acquisitions
  • VAT self declarations
  • Multi currency accounting and salary management

Absence Management

  • Planned absences
  • Non planned absences (accidents and sickness)
  • Partnership with a broker
  • Employee and manager access
  • Case management


  • Payslips
  • Generation of accounting document
  • Individual and cumulated payroll journal
  • Source tax report
  • Payment file
  • Salary certificates

Employee Entry
& Exit

  • AVS announcement and adjustment of provisions related to payroll
  • LPP announcement
  • Source tax announcement
  • HR administration: family allowances, permit request or modification, management of employment contract
  • Creation of work certificate
  • Final balances follow-up (vacation, bonus, 13th salary etc.)
  • Certificate for unemployment authorities

Presentation of the Swiss System

  • Work & residence permit
  • Tax at source
  • Pension system
  • Insurance
  • Maternity & paternity
  • Family allowances

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