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Saman Abdulaziz, an Enthusiast Tested by Fire

Saman Abdulaziz is in charge of the accounting department. He aligns his values with those of the trust company he has been working for for the past 5 years. This 35 year old Geneva native is committed, soft-spoken and jovial, enjoys challenges and likes to provide solutions. A state of mind that suits Synergix perfectly. The family business, founded in 2001 by Enrico Chincarini, works every day to improve processes and simplify administrative procedures so that its clients can concentrate on what is essential: their core business.

Accounting, a tailor-made profession

Fresh out of college, Saman decided to spend a year in Vancouver to consolidate his English and work for a frozen yogurt company. With his CAE (Advanced Diploma in English) in hand, Saman returned to Switzerland and began studying criminal science. Taking on the role of one of the protagonists of the famous series “CSI” was not for him in the end and he left his training after six months.

In search of adventure, he left for Canada. Backpack on his back, nights in tents, Saman wanders for two months in the kingdom of the great outdoors where he meets new Canadian friends. One of them gets married a few years later and Saman is invited to the wedding, during which he meets his future wife, herself Canadian. Back in Switzerland, well accompanied, he has the ambition and the will to find a job he likes.

It would be in accounting and finance, as his parents were themselves in the field. Taken on as an apprentice in accounting in a Geneva fiduciary, Saman is immediately recognized for his solid abilities, dogs don’t make cats. Saman finally joined the company as an employee and at the same time obtained his federal diploma as a specialist in finance and accounting rather than an apprenticeship. He will stay more than 7 years in the company.

Strengthened by this great experience, Saman joined Synergix in 2018, whose family, friendly and challenging spirit he particularly appreciates. “One of my life philosophies is to stay positive and find solutions. In this sense, Synergix fully fits me. The days can be very intense but I can always be a force of proposal, make the projects and the team move forward, and surpass myself.”

Extra and accounting manager

Today Saman Abdulaziz manages the accounting department with 6 people in his team, an apprentice and a portfolio of about sixty clients to manage. In addition to technical management, his mission is to help the management optimize processes and facilitate the work and well-being of his colleagues so that they can manage the operational side of the business in an intelligent and efficient manner.

Synergix currently supports large companies, SMEs and many NGOs that follow the Swiss GAAP FER 21 recommendation. The company combines its expertise in administrative management and accounting with a unique technological approach. The IODD software, which the founders are constantly optimizing thanks to feedback from the team and clients, enables them to deliver all essential accounting data in real time, thus staying one step ahead. No wonder the company describes itself as “geeky and trendy”.

Well-being at the heart of its mission

As for the “trendy” part of Synergix, Saman happily mentions the ergonomics of the premises, the family spirit of the company and its willingness to foster collective intelligence. Synergix started with Enrico Chincarini, and his three sons joined the company over the years as if by chance. The company now has 15 employees. “We are a big family, exclaims Saman with enthusiasm. Of course, there is a difference between the personal and the professional, but there is great trust between us. Individual and collective well-being is essential to us.”

Synergix has put in place several measures to stimulate internal cohesion. For example, when a position is opened, the entire team is involved in the recruitment process. After an initial selection based on expected skills, successful candidates are invited to spend a morning immersed in the company to get to know each of its employees. The final recruitment decision is made in a collegial manner. The latest recruitments were made following this process. “This collective recruiting process pays off in the long term and is also appreciated by the candidates, who immediately feel confident,” says Saman.

Saman is also actively working with Alexandre Chincarini, HR manager, on the well-being of employees with the implementation of a personalized quarterly meeting. “These meetings, which were created almost two years ago, allow us to put things straight, to clear up any abscesses and to readjust our aim. The fact that we talk allows us to anticipate and avoid misunderstandings, which is very beneficial for everyone.

The management also organizes monthly team breakfasts and massages and proposes activities, one of which was initiated by Saman. This time, he has put on his other hat: that of a volunteer firefighter.

A committed and fun-loving man

Saman Abdulaziz has been working for 15 years as a volunteer firefighter at the Vernier fire station where he obtained the rank of officer. On average, his intervention group performs an on-call duty one week every 7 weeks. “We have to be available on weekday nights (7pm-6am) and weekends (24 hours). As an officer, I can now go directly to the scene without going to the fire station. The volunteer firefighters intervene independently on missions such as floods, animal rescues, bee or wasp nests and small fires. For the biggest interventions, they come to reinforce the professionals.

So it was as a volunteer firefighter that Saman took the Synergix teams to the heart of the Vernier fire station. It was an unforgettable moment for his colleagues who were able to test the water hoses and share the passion of this considerate and loyal manager who never misses an opportunity to make puns, much to the delight of his colleagues.

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