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What is Synergix to you?

Getting to know a company is not about reading slogans or looking at advertising posters. To truly discover a company, you need to understand what drives it, what makes its culture, and the values it is based on. We invite you to dive into the world of Synergix through the eyes of our employees…

At Synergix, we believe that a small business is more than just a place to work, it is a family, a community that strengthens us and makes us grow. Founded by Enrico Chincarini, Synergix is a family story that is now carried on by his three sons, proud to have been able to contribute to their father’s dream. As Joël, the youngest brother and HR & Payroll Admin Manager, said, “Synergix is family to me, not because of family ties, but because we have managed to create a climate of trust, transparency and honesty within the team with all colleagues.”

The founding values that guide the day-to-day decisions at Synergix are also the ones that help create the great atmosphere that prevails in the company. Creating a cohesive and balanced team is an ongoing journey that requires challenging yourself and staying open-minded. Benjamin Otway, Junior Accounting Assistant, says, “Synergix, for me, is a company that gave me a chance when others wouldn’t. I came out of college with no real work experience, and Synergix, with its participatory recruiting system, was able to make me feel comfortable by integrating me into their family very quickly.”

Synergix is also a company that values innovation and technology. We are constantly seeking to improve our processes and stay on the cutting edge of technology to meet our customers’ demands. Knowledge, efficiency, innovation, transparency and the physical and mental well-being of our employees are at the heart of everything we do.

For Hayat Khadda, HR Admin & Payroll Manager, this caring is paramount: “Synergix is a second big family for me. Some are the big brothers I never had, and others are the little brothers and sisters. I can find comfort when I need it and that is important to me. The company is warm and welcoming. You feel good here and it’s a great learning environment.” This is something that Miriam Lieffering, apprentice, points out: “In my opinion, Synergix is the ideal training company. Mutual support and team spirit are of paramount importance. This allows me to learn from everyone, and on all subjects, without necessarily being linked to my formal training.

We believe in the growth and development of our employees and are committed to helping each person grow and develop at their own pace within the company, which always comes out more united and productive. Leticia Almeida, Junior Accountant & Team Leader, said it best: “Synergix was a beautiful and wonderful discovery when I started working here over 2 years ago. Human capital is the ultimate priority for Synergix and you feel it directly as an employee. This mindset and the company culture that Synergix reflects was exactly what I was looking for. Employee wellness, internal atmosphere and team spirit are the most important things to me.”

Finally, at Synergix, we also believe in the little pleasures in life, such as apero, breakfasts, and in-house massages, which are a great way to strengthen bonds with our team, chat with colleagues, and relax.

If you’re looking for a company that values innovation, technology, and employee well-being, Synergix is the place for you. Join our growing family and be part of our story, because as Ismael Sangare, Junior Accounting Assistant, says, “We are a small team with the ambition to do big things.

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