Article written by Julie Pignier

Pillar 2 buybacks

The end of the year also means the deadline for Pillar 2 buybacks.


Pillar 2 buybacks allow you to fill any gaps in your pension and to receive a higher income, but also to benefit from a tax reduction and interest paid by your pension fund on your buyback.


A few tips from our HR team!


  • First of all, check the amount you can buy back on your pension fund certificate (which you receive at least once a year from your pension fund and is available on request);


  • Spread your purchases over several years to benefit from constant tax savings, rather than paying a large amount all at once;


  • Get a head start. The amount of the purchase must be in the pension fund bank account by December 31. Due to year-end holidays and accounting deadlines, do not wait until the last few days of December to validate your payment.


  • On the other hand, since buybacks are subject to a three-year blocking period; if you wish to buy a property within the next three years and use this contribution, you should opt to open a pillar 3 and not buying back pillar 2.

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