Article written by Sherif Mamdouh

The streets of Geneva - 20 years ago…

We are in 2001. Y2K has not happened, the world has not imploded. On the contrary, interconnectivity is booming and the Internet has become a way of life. Of course, we can still hear faxes whistling in the corner of the office and we sometimes have time to take a nap, while downloading a document, but the revolution is underway. Enrico Chincarini, then CFO, who had worked in large banks and companies, was struck by a thought that would never leave him: “Getting through the maze of bureaucracy is a major hindrance to business. If there is no better way to do it, I will propose a better way by creating an outsourced service to companies.


Synergix office – Present day…

Synergix is a fiduciary that is not really a fiduciary. Like the telephone that has evolved to become so much more, Synergix is a company with a clear mission: to simplify its clients’ lives by combining human expertise and technology. In offices that look like an art gallery, Enrico and his son Jérôme co-manage the company, which has a staff of 15, all of whom are united by family values and a strong work ethic that drives them to provide excellent service.

Today, after 20 years of existence, the company has grown. In numbers, but also in wisdom. A father’s love of a precise procedure and a son’s geeky soul have come together and today, the company has decided to refresh its image, to better reflect the essence of what Synergix has become.

A logical evolution in line with the fluid and changing nature of the world.

Here, no one takes care of one customer. Everyone takes care of all the clients. Because every request, every challenge, every project deserves our absolute attention and the most appropriate business expertise. Human relations are at the heart of what Synergix offers its clients, but they are also the foundation on which each employee relies to move forward, learn and grow within a close-knit team.

There are not two but four Chincarinis at Synergix. Alexandre and Joël complete the siblings who symbolize the new generation. A generation that respects the teachings of its elders, but is full of boldness and has understood that in order to succeed over time, one must embrace change and never back down from a new learning curve.

Rigor, creativity, loyalty and ethics are all embodied by the team members in a diversity of character that combine to sublimate the end result of any project they undertake.

Synergix can help you manage your business accurately and efficiently, relieving you of the burden of creating value where it counts. Accounting, HR, administration, corporate finance… Take care of what matters to you, we take care of the rest.

Welcome to Synergix.

To be continued…

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